This is a Neapolitan pizza dough at 63% hydration which will be perfect for outdoor, high temperature ovens.

It will make a nice puffy crust on the rim and a thin, firm base crust. Like all the best Neapolitan doughs, this one starts with making a Poolish the night before. Plan on starting the dough at least 18 hours before you plan to make the pizza.

Note: If you are making the pizza in your home oven, increase the water to 390 grams (68% hydration) when you add water to the Poolish on the second day. This will help accommodate for the lower oven temp and longer cooking time.



Make the Poolish the night before.


(Use '00' flour, bread flour, or all purpose flour in that order of availability)



  • Mix the water and yeast in warm water till yeast is dissolved.
  • Then thoroughly mix in flour
  • Rest for 1 hour at room temp
  • Cover and then refrigerate for at least 12 and up to 24 hours. 16 hours is probably ideal.


  • Take Poolish out of refrigerator
  • Rest for 30 minutes at room temp



(Use '00' flour, bread flour, or all purpose flour in that order of availability)


  • Add water to Poolish and mix by hand until thoroughly blended
  • Add olive oil, mix in
  • Add 1⁄2 the flour, then mix
  • Add salt, then mix
  • Add remaining flour
  • Knead for 5 minutes or so. Do not add more flour or water while kneading. You need to keep the water to flour ratio constant.

Rest for 20 minutes

    • Put olive oil on your hands and pat the dough on the top. Pick up the dough with two hands; pick up from the middle of the dough on two sides (right and left side), pick up, then let the opposite sides droop down, then drop, then rotate 45 degrees, pick up and repeat, let droop, then drop; repeat 5 or 6 times until dough ball is smooth on top. Keep olive oil surface on top
    • Oil bottom of a bowl, put dough ball back in bowl; olive oil side up

Cover and rest for 30 minutes

  • Make the dough balls.
  • Cut dough into dough balls about 250 grams each. Pick up a ball and stretch one side of the dough bottom a little and fold the flap under the ball itself, rotate 45 degrees; repeat - stretch one side of the bottom dough and fold under the dough ball. Do 5 or 6 times. Put seam side down on surface. Top should be smooth and a little bouncy.
  • Put balls in a sheet pan a few inches apart (not touching) and cover with plastic wrap

Rest for 2 hours

Prepare pizza with your favorite topping.


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